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If you are thinking of moving to Wilbraham, Massachusetts, you need to hurry so that you can participate in the town’s many upcoming fetes as it soon celebrates 250 years of existence. Bordering Springfield on the east, Wilbraham has a gorgeous historical area and doesn’t feel like a generic suburb of a large city.

Within its borders, Wilbraham also has the White Cedar Swamp, the Rice Nature Preserve, the Wilbraham Wildlife Area and the Thayer Brook Conservation area, all of which are enjoyed by the 15,000 or so residents. The town center also has great examples of colonial and Victorian homes along Main Street from nearly three centuries ago.

The town’s annual Peach Festival hearkens back to an era when Wilbraham was known for its abundant peach orchards. Some are still grown on the slope of the Wilbraham Mountain Range, but not like they used to.

If you are moving to this peach of a town, you will want a Wilbraham moving company with a solid history as well.

After you do a “movers Wilbraham MA” Web search and find lots of names of Wilbraham movers, you will need to pick through them to find the #1 Wilbraham moving company. If you look at customer reviews, business ratings and recent growth trends, one Wilbraham moving company stands alone among the Wilbraham movers: DN Van Lines.

DN Van Lines has been in the state for more than 10 years, and it has proven so popular that it needed to expand down into Florida. It receives both glowing customer accolades and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau every year.

Customers appreciate that DN Van Lines can handle their Wilbraham storage needs after a move. Thanks to its large, secure facility in-state, DN Van Lines tells its customers that there is no need for a “storage Wilbraham MA” Web search or panicked phone calls to Wilbraham storage facilities—DN Van Lines handles all of the details, pre- and post-move if necessary.

For more information, call 1-800-51-MOVER or go to and read and hear what extremely happy customers say about a peach of a moving company: DN Van Lines.

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