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The Whitin family of central Massachusetts founded a mill of the same name that would grow into the world’s largest producer of textile spindles, powering the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. that was centered in the Blackstone River Valley of New England. The Whitin family’s impact was so great that a village within Northbridge still bears the Whitin name and has been designated as a mill village of national historical significance.

Today, Whitinsville (pronounced White-ins-ville) welcomes visitors from several states to see the preserved original village, including the housing for workers and their families, churches and the Whitin Community Center. That center has evolved steadily over the years and is known to locals as “The Gym.” Four Whitin women decided to build a gym and pool for residents in 1922, and the swim program soon produced Olympic participants in 1932 and 1936. Today, “The Gym” has racquetball courts, tennis courts, walking trails around it and a beautiful pavilion for its 4,500-member strong organization. It also has the largest child care center in the Blackstone Valley, continuing its mission of service to locals.

If you are moving to this historic village, you are going to need the best Whitinsville movers to move your things there. A “movers Whitinsville MA” Web search will give some clues to identifying the #1 Whitinsville moving company, but you need some criteria to compare Whitinsville local movers.

A good place to start is to read customer reviews of the various Whitinsville movers and determine which ones are growing and which ones are shrinking. Eventually, you will see that one line stands out from the others: DN Van Lines. Customers rave about the company’s service (see for details) and demand for its services has provoked an expansion into Florida in recent years.

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For a free quote and more information, log onto the website or call 1-800-51-MOVER to plan your move to Whitinsville, a village with a rich history of service and spirit.

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