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The name “Silver Lake” refers to two landmark places in the state of Massachusetts. It is the name of the former Jones River Pond, a 640-acre body of water that used to be harvested for ice in the winter and sent around the world. As part of the marketing scheme for this ice, the pond was renamed a more robust Silver Lake.

Silver Lake is also the name of a village in Kingston (35 miles south/southeast of Boston), and is known for its top-flight schools, among other things. Silver Lake High School was named one of the 30 “smartest” public high schools in the state by Boston Magazine.

If you are moving to this scenic and smart community, you will need a Silver Lake moving company that has the experience and knowledge to do the job right. After a “movers Silver Lake MA” Web search, you will need to separate the Silver Lake movers from one another in an effort to discover the #1 Silver Lake moving company.

Looking at customer reviews and professional ratings can be quite helpful in that process. As you compare those among Silver Lake movers, one will stand out quickly: DN Van Lines. Customers rave about the service that they receive from DN Van Lines, and the Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating (its highest) every year.

Since starting in the Boston area more than a decade ago, DN Van Lines has successfully moved thousands of people in Massachusetts. Customers appreciate that the line can handle any Silver Lake storage needs that come up, too, because of its huge, safe storage facility near Boston. DN Van Lines has room for any extras, saving its customers additional “storage Silver Lake MA” Web searches and last-minute phone calls to Silver Lake storage facilities.

For more information and a free quote, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to to read and hear how customers rave about DN Van Lines, the silver lining in every potentially stressful move to Silver Lake.

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