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Even though much of Florida has been hit hard by the continuing economic downturn, some communities are still growing and seeing property values rise due to strong demand. One of those towns is Yulee in Nassau County, which sits next door to Fernandina Beach, long a desirable spot for newcomers who want a taste of coastal living.

As Fernandina Beach has almost reached its maximum development, the spillover effect has impacted Yulee, as builders construct homes for people who want to be near the ocean but within a reasonable distance from Jacksonville. Two outstanding golf courses are also drawing people to Yulee: the North Hampton, designed in part by Arnold Palmer, and Amelia National, designed by Tom Fazio.

Whether you are coming for the links or the beach, you need to find the best Yulee moving company for your money. A “movers Yulee FL” Web search will give you a list of Yulee movers, but to find the premier Yulee moving company, you will need to dig deeper. As you compare Yulee movers, you will find only one that has snagged an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, grown rapidly thanks to customer referrals and performed 1,000 moves in just two years in Florida (after an expansion from New England): DN Van Lines.

For more information on this ProMover (as designated by the American Moving and Storage Association), call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to www.dnvanlines.com There, you will find all of the information that you need and you can read and listen to customers rave about the service that they received.

You can also find out that DN Van Lines can handle any Yulee storage needs that you might need. Thanks to its secure facility in northeast Florida, DN Van Lines can easily absorb any overflow from your new home, saving you the time needed for a “storage Yulee FL” Web search or a Saturday morning full of panicked calls to other Yulee storage facilities. Even as more and more people discover Yulee, more and more are finding out that DN Van Lines can both move and store all of their goods at a great price with minimal stress.

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