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Raiford, Florida, was forever immortalized in the Lynyrd Skynrd song “Four Walls of Raiford,” which referred to the Florida State Prison in town. Even though that facility covers more than 50 acres of the burg, Raiford hopes to become known for much more than serving as the home of a huge state penitentiary.

Raiford got more publicity when an episode of 1960s television series “The Fugitive” was filmed there to show the prison, but residents want visitors and potential newcomers to know that they feel extremely free to enjoy such pristine local areas as the Lake Butler Wildlife Management Area, just a few minutes from the town’s center.

 If you are moving to Raiford voluntarily, then you will want the finest of the Raiford movers to do the job. Doing a “movers Raiford FL” or “local movers Raiford” Web search will get you a list of candidates for the operation, but you need some way to whittle down the applicants and select the #1 Raiford moving company.

Scanning the Net to see what past customers say about the various Raiford moving companies can give you a good idea of whom to trust among Raiford movers. It’s also wise to check the different lines’ professional ratings. After a brief time of such research, one Raiford moving company will emerge as a favorite:  DN Van Lines.

The company’s website (www.dnvanlines.com) has numerous upbeat reviews, and it also details the A+ rating given by the Better Business Bureau and the designation as a ProMover bestowed by the American Moving and Storage Association.

DN Van Lines earns great reviews and high rankings because it easily handles all of the details of a move--before, during and after. If Raiford storage needs arise, for instance, DN Van Lines can solve the problem with no problem thanks to its large and secure facility in Florida, negating the need for a “storage Raiford FL” Web search.

To get a free quote and more information for your move to liberating Raiford, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to the site.

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