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The defiant statement of “The South will rise again” certainly proved true in Middleburg, Florida. Torched by the 4th Massachusetts Cavalry in 1864, the town rebounded thanks to its river-based commerce and citrus industry. After the big freeze of 1895 and decrease in river trade, the town again had to re-align and thrive in one of the country’s fastest-growing counties.

Today, Middleburg and Clay County enjoy renewed popularity thanks to an excellent system of parks, convenient location (not far from Jacksonville) and preservation of many areas of wetlands and wilderness.

If you are planning to help Middleburg rebound even more positively, you are going to need the top Middleburg moving company to get all your things there safe and sound. The standard “movers Middleburg FL” Web search will not be enough to find the best of the Middleburg movers. For that, you need to look for legions of satisfied customers, healthy growth and high ratings from independent agencies. As you examine those factors, one Middleburg moving company will emerge from the pack of Middleburg movers: DN Van Lines.

Customers rave about their experience with the company, it has grown all the way from New England down into Florida in recent years, and the Better Business Bureau gave it an A+ rating in two regions. DN Van Lines also stands alone because it can handle any Middleburg storage needs that might arise, saving you the time wasted on a “storage Middleburg FL” Web search. Because of its large facility in northeastern Florida, DN Van Lines can take care of the Middleburg storage requirements that come about when people have more stuff than space.

If you plan on helping Middleburg advance as an ideal Southern town, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to www.dnvanlines.com to begin your move. You can get a free quote and hear and watch scores of satisfied customers who would recommend DN Van Lines to anyone moving to the Sunshine State.

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