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Named after a Confederate senator, Baker County, Florida, was the site of the only Civil War battle in the state. The county still sees itself as a string of hospitable southern towns, and many Yankees have moved to the region long after the hostilities ceased.

The county seat is in Macclenny, a town that benefits from its rural feel, yet is included in the Jacksonville metropolitan region, giving residents the best of both worlds. That’s one reason why the county keeps its slogan of “A Country Atmosphere with a Big City’s Convenience.”

If you are moving to this part of Florida, which has hundreds of acres of preserved forests and wetlands yet lies fairly close the coast, you will need to identify the best Macclenny moving company. A “movers Macclenny FL” Web search can get you started, but you need to find one mover among the many Macclenny movers that has high customer satisfaction ratings, strong recent growth and sterling evaluations by independent agencies. With those criteria as your guide, one Macclenny moving company stands out from the bunch of Macclenny movers: DN Van Lines.

This company earns raves from its customers and has proven so popular that it has already done more than 1,000 moves in its two years in Florida, branching down from New England to meet customer demand. DN Van Lines has also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and designation as a ProMover from the American Moving and Storage Association.

Customers are thrilled that DN Van Lines not only does moves, but it can also solve any Macclenny storage issues that might crop up. That saves busy families in transition the time needed to do a “storage Macclenny FL” Web search, and they can relax, knowing that their Macclenny storage needs will be easily met by DN Van Lines’ huge, secure facility.

Whether you are a Yankee or a Southerner moving to Macclenny, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to for a free quote. Spend some time on the website to see what great things customers have to say about DN Van Lines. Perhaps you’ll be asked for a video shoot after your move as well.

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