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Do ghost towns scare you? If so, you might want to avoid Kerr City, Florida. However, if you want to be part of the recent effort to re-populate this famous ghost town, then you need to track down a realtor and make plans to move.

On the north shore of Lake Kerr in Marion County, Kerr City used to have 100 residents when it reached its peak in the late 19th Century. Yet, after the freezes of 1894-95, it was abandoned almost wholesale.  Only George Smiley stayed and ran the post office, buying all of the properties around him. His son Alfred owned the entire town by 1955, but Arthur Brennan, a descendant of some of the original residents, has more recently renovated many of the homes on the National Register of Historic Places and rents them to newcomers in search of adventure.

If you are moving to this former ghost town, you need to find the best of the Kerr City movers to ease your fears. To find the cream of the Kerr City moving companies, a “movers Kerr City FL” or “local movers Kerr City” Web search can begin the process, but more information is needed to identify the #1 Kerr City moving company.

As you compare customer reviews and professional ratings, one Kerr City moving company will leap from the computer screen: DN Van Lines. The company site has scores of glowing customer reviews in print and video form (see for details), and reports the A+ rating that it has earned from the Better Business Bureau, as well as the designation as a ProMover by the American Moving and Storage Association.

DN Van Lines is also known for being able to handle any Kerr City storage needs that you might have, thanks to its large, secure facility in Florida, so you won’t need to do another “storage Kerr City FL” Web search.

To plan your move to Kerr City and help it continue to replace ghosts with real people, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to the site for a free quote and any other information that you might need.

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