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The land in east-central Florida is fertile and abundant. People move there to get away from big city bustle, but they also like being close enough to major towns for the occasional need to go there. Hastings, Florida, the “potato capital of Florida”, was founded to supply produce for the hotels in St. Augustine, 18 miles to the northeast. It has continued its agricultural tradition for more than a century, and the quiet, rural lifestyle continues to appeal to many.

The expansion of roadways around Hastings has made it even more attractive in the past decade or so, and new developments and subdivisions are on the way. If you are part of the migration to Hastings, you will soon need the top Hastings moving company to ensure a smooth transition. The standard “movers Hastings FL” Web search will give you a list of Hastings movers but not much else.

As you research your choice a bit more, you will find one company that stands out from other Hastings movers, due to its solid growth, high professional ratings and excellent customer satisfaction scores: DN Van Lines. This mover recently expanded into Florida from New England and has already performed 1,000 moves in Florida in just two years. Its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and title of ProMover from the American Moving and Storage Association speak for themselves, as do the numerous glowing customer testimonials at www.dnvanlines.com.

Customers love this premier Hastings moving company because it can cover all of the different aspects of a move, from packing to any Hastings storage needs that might arise. With a large facility in northeast Florida, DN Van Lines can accommodate any Hastings storage requirements that might occur, saving its customers the time needed for a “storage Hastings FL” Web search.

To learn more about how you can get to the peace and quiet of Hastings in a peaceful and calm manner, log on to www.dnvanlines.com or call 1-800-51-MOVER.

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