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Only one spot in the entire United States has been so desired and hotly contested that eight flags have flown over it in the past 300+ years: Amelia Island, Florida. There’s a special event every year to mark this curious fact of history--the Eight Flags Shrimp Festival--and that’s not the only fun in town.

Amelia Island also plays host to a yearly jazz festival, a chamber music festival, a film festival and a blues festival. If all of that culture is not enough for you, you can always play one of the seven courses on this piece of paradise in northeast Florida.

Two fortunate burgs get to call Amelia Island home. One of them is Fernandina Beach, a lovely stretch of coastal living that certainly seems to merit multiple nations fighting over the space. If you want a peaceful move to the area, not a fight over details and prices, you need to find the best Fernandina Beach moving company. A “movers Fernandina Beach FL” Web search will give you all of the Fernandina Beach movers, but you need to figure out which mover is tops.

Two categories to include in your criteria as you compare Fernandina Beach movers are professional ratings and growth profile. With those in mind, one Fernandina Beach moving company stands out from the rest: DN Van Lines. It has snagged an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, designation as a ProMover from the American Moving and Storage Association and done 1000+ moves in just more than two years since expanding to Florida.

DN Van Lines moved into Florida due to customer demand after a decade of strong growth in New England. Customers love DN Van Lines because it can handle any Fernandina Beach storage needs that come up, if a family ends up with more possessions than room in its new home. A large, secure facility in northeast Florida gives plenty of space for those with Fernandina Beach storage issues, eliminating the need for a “storage Fernandina Beach FL” Web search.

Log on to www.dnvanlines.com or call 1-800-51-MOVER to get a free quote and make plans to plant your flag in gorgeous Fernandina Beach.

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