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Like many Florida towns, Citra grows lots of citrus, but what makes this Marion County enclave different is the unique type of orange that was bred there. Originally called the Hickory orange in 1883, the fruit gained the more accurate moniker of the Pineapple orange years later.

Originally found in the grove of James Owens, the Pineapple orange has the aroma of a pineapple in an orange’s body, one of many specialty fruits sold by the Orange Shop in Citra, a historic market for citrus, honey and candies since 1936.

If you love citrus fruit and will get plenty of opportunities to try out the Pineapple Orange, you will want the best of the Citra movers to aid in your transition. To find the cream of the Citra moving companies, a “movers Citra FL” or “local movers Citra” search can get you started, but you need some way to compare movers in hopes of finding the #1 Citra moving company.

A good way to go about this is to read customer reviews and check professional ratings. As you do that, one Citra moving company will emerge from the pack: DN Van Lines. The company site has several video and written customer reviews that will help you to make your choice (see for details), and you can also see the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and designation as a ProMover by the American Moving and Storage Association.

Customers appreciate DN Van Lines because they don’t have to scurry around and find a Citra storage facility in case they have more stuff than space after the move. DN Van Lines has a large, safe facility in to absorb any extras after the move is done, saving you the time of a “storage Citra FL” search.

To plan your move to citrusy Citra, call 1-800-51-MOVER or log on to the site for a free quote and any other information that you might need. Then, you can make plans to sink your teeth into a Pineapple orange in the home town of that fruit.

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