How to Pack Wardrobe Boxes for your Move

One of our branded Wardrobe BoxesWardrobe boxes provide a convenient way to move and store hanging clothes such as dresses, button down shirts, suits, and trousers without having to remove these items from their hangers.  Sure, you could pack all of your hanging clothes into linen boxes, but be prepared for a pretty hefty dry cleaning bill or a few hours of time with the old iron and ironing board. This article details how to best pack a wardrobe box for your upcoming move.

Wardrobes boxes come in several different sizes and types. There are in fact three types of wardrobes:

1)      Standard Wardrobe Box – This is the most useful type of wardrobe box that this article will concentrate on.  The two most common sizes of this box have widths of 18 inches or 24 inches. This box comes with an accompanying bar that hangers latch to.

2)      Short Wardrobe Box – This box is very similar to the standard wardrobe box, except (you guessed it), it’s shorter. This will hold button down shirts, polo shirts, and trousers hanging, but is not to tall enough to fit dresses and other long hang items.

3)      Lay Down Wardrobe Box – This is really not a wardrobe box for our intents and purposes. It is a wide flat box that you can put clothing into lying down.  Clothes do not hang in this box, and it cannot really fit much.

In almost all cases the Standard Wardrobe box is the most useful type to use.  When you buy the box make sure that hanging rods are included. Otherwise you will be required to purchase them separately. Assembling the box is pretty straight forward. Pop the box from flat to square and fold in the 4 bottom flaps to create a solid bottom. Put a couple of layers of tape on the bottom and stand the box up. The rod then can then be installed in the appropriate slot. Ensure that the rod is securely anchored or it could fall, causing clothing that you hang to fall to the bottom of the box during transport.

Once you have the box assembled go into your closet and determine what clothes you are keeping and what you are donating. Moving is a perfect time to get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in years that take up a lot of space in your closet. Then sort your hanging clothes by type. This can be done by season, such as summer clothes, winter clothes, etc. Or even more simply group dresses together, shirts together, pants together etc.

Once you have your closet organized, move the wardrobe box that you constructed nearby to the closet. Observe the width of the wardrobe box and take a bunch of clothes of similar width and place them hanging into the box.  Keep all items on their hangers. Hang this clothing from the rod in the wardrobe box and push the clothing to one side as you load.

You want to make sure that you don’t over stuff the box. The box should be full, but you shouldn’t be trying to squeeze a few additional articles to the point that the box is crammed. Once all the boxes are filled, fold over the top front and back. Tape the seams and around the top section of the box. Use a black marker to label the boxes with the type of clothing you put into each box. If you proceed in this manner you will most likely have a couple wardrobe boxes of button down shirts, a few of polo shirts, a few of dresses, etc. These boxes are now ready to go.

When moving wardrobe boxes they should be loaded into the moving truck in an upright position. Be careful not to put heavy cartons or other heavy items on top of wardrobes because this could cause the box top to collapse. Make sure the boxes stay dry so they maintain their structural integrity.

Once the wardrobe boxes are unloaded from the moving truck, they can be used to temporarily store the clothes until you have time to unpack them. Then when you are ready to organize your new closet, since you spent time organizing and labeling your wardrobe boxes, the process will be streamlined and simple.

If you would like to get a visual of how to pack Wardrobe boxes check out our Wardrobe Box Packing Video Below. Also if you live in FL or MA and want to purchase some Wardrobe boxes or other moving supplies you can purchase them at our online store.

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