How To Find The Right Moving Companies

Summer time in the US is the heart of the moving and storage season. This is tied to the housing market which sees a large bump in the summer months as well as apartment lease cycles that run summer to summer. Throw in college students moving in and out of dorms, and you’ve got a very busy time of the year for the moving and storage industry. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re going to be moving this summer as well.

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NECN states that over 8,500 complaints were filed against moving companies with the Better Business Bureau in U.S and Canada within the last year. In a conversation with Oded Carmi, President and Owner of DN Van Lines, one of the more renowned moving companies, NECN lets its viewers know how to avoid getting conned by moving companies.

1) Check for legitimate licensing – Oded Carmi insists that one of the first things you must check about a moving company is whether or not they have legitimate licensing. Online is a great resource. He encourages customers to check about the moving company online. Their licenses should be put up on their website. The licenses should also be on the trucks owned by the moving company. Ensure that they are licensed nationally and with the State Government.

2) Don’t shop only on Price Point – Everybody wants to be cost effective. The natural instinct is to opt for the cheapest option available. Oded Carmi tells NECN that the biggest mistake customers make is to opt for the cheapest options. He warns that if a company is selling their services at a rate way lower than the average rate quoted by most companies it is safer to stay away from such a company.

3) Ask about Damage procedure prior to reserving – Oded Carmi pointed out that biggest mistake customers make is to check for the insurance offered by the moving company only after the damage has been done. He insists that as a homeowner you must know beforehand the kind of reimbursements you should expect in case your goods are damage during moving. Most customers feel cheated of the insurance on receiving damaged goods.

4) Level of Professionalism – Oded Carmi said that courteous behavior of the staff, uniforms and a ready to help attitude is mandatory for any moving service. Do not rely on a moving company who takes no responsibility for the behavior and attitude of its employees.

Last but not the least the credentials of most companies can be checked online. Rely on the testimonials of earlier customers. It is safer to learn from others mistakes than make similar ones of your own. A little caution and research can make the process of moving a trusted and hassle free experience.