How Moving is done in Japan

YouTube Direkt

Check out the above video posted by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs promoting their moving and storage industry.  It’s definitely entertaining with the 80′s style music, the voice actor with the English accent, and the movers dressed like Luigi from ‘Mario Brothers’, but still, it does have some interesting ideas.

For example, how would you feel about having a moving company clean off and wipe down all of your furniture prior to or after moving it? It does sound pretty convenient, but is it something that you would be willing to pay for? As Boston Movers, DN Van Lines does not currently offer this service. In fact, to our knowledge, no Massachusetts Moving Company does. The reason that we don’t offer it is because we don’t think there is demand for it. This could be because of a difference in culture or perhaps the demand is just unknown to us. What do you think?

We also noticed the usage of fold-able plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. The environmental advantages of a reusable plastic container is obvious, but how about convenience? If you wanted to keep some of your items boxed at the completion of the move, you would have to pay for expensive plastic containers instead of the relatively inexpensive cardboard boxes. Which method do you think is better?

Another funny thing we noticed is that they have the movers take their shoes off and put on “fresh shocks” prior to entering the moving locations. Sure it might prevent staining of the carpet, but what happens when a heavy dresser lands on one of their toes?

Overall this is an interesting video to watch. There a couple of things to laugh about, some things to shake your head at, but also some things to think about as potential ways as improving Boston moving. Watch it, and let us know what you think.