Parking Permits for Moving

If you’re going to be moving from, to, or around Boston you’re probably going to need a Street Occupancy Permit, commonly referred to as a Parking Permit. Living in areas such as the North End, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, or South End, you know that parking can be really tight. Trying to find a parking space for your car can be difficult so imagine how hard it can be to find parking for a moving truck.

The process involves pounding the pavement to visit different city government offices, filling out paperwork, paying fees, and posting the Parking Permit signs ahead of time. To make things even more time consuming and complicated different areas surrounding Boston such as Cambridge, Brookline, Quincy, and Somerville have their own procedure for obtaining Parking Permits for moving. Over the next couple of blog posts we here at The Savvy Mover are going to detail the procedure for obtaining parking permits in Boston and its surrounding areas.

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