How Moving is done in Japan

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Check out the above video posted by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs promoting their moving and storage industry.  It’s definitely entertaining with the 80′s style music, the voice actor with the English accent, and the movers dressed like Luigi from ‘Mario Brothers’, but still, it does have some interesting ideas.

For example, how would you feel about having a moving company clean off and wipe down all of your furniture prior to or after moving it? It does sound pretty convenient, but is it something that you would be willing to pay for? As Boston Movers, DN Van Lines does not currently offer this service. In fact, to our knowledge, no Massachusetts Moving Company does. The reason that we don’t offer it is because we don’t think there is demand for it. This could be because of a difference in culture or perhaps the demand is just unknown to us. What do you think?

We also noticed the usage of fold-able plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. The environmental advantages of a reusable plastic container is obvious, but how about convenience? If you wanted to keep some of your items boxed at the completion of the move, you would have to pay for expensive plastic containers instead of the relatively inexpensive cardboard boxes. Which method do you think is better?

Another funny thing we noticed is that they have the movers take their shoes off and put on “fresh shocks” prior to entering the moving locations. Sure it might prevent staining of the carpet, but what happens when a heavy dresser lands on one of their toes?

Overall this is an interesting video to watch. There a couple of things to laugh about, some things to shake your head at, but also some things to think about as potential ways as improving Boston moving. Watch it, and let us know what you think.

DN Van Lines Premieres First Television Ad on NESN

DN Van Lines debut its first Television commercial on a half-hour show on NESN’s Celebrity Spotlight Series on December 14 at 6pm. The commercial will continue to air in the Months of January and February of 2013.

YouTube Direkt

The show was filmed primarily during a Canadian-US youth hockey tournament that took place at New England Sport Center over the recent Thanksgiving weekend.  The tournament, the second annual North American Fall Classic, brought dozens of teams to Marlborough MA for three days of intense competition.


Hockey Hall of Famer and former Bruin, Ray Bourque, hosts the show. The show also features short interviews with Sen. James Eldridge (D-Acton), Sen. Karen Spilka (D-Ashland), and Marlborough Mayor Arthur Vigeant.


“We chose to advertise on this program because it documents the logistics of a nationally recognized athletic completion taking place right here in Marlborough MA where our corporate Headquarters is located.” said Oded Carmi, DN Van Lines president. “We had considered TV marketing for a long time, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity.”


The commercial depicts a team of interviewers canvassing the streets of Boston and asking local New England residents about their experience moving themselves. The responses are honest, thought provoking, and often comical. The commercial gives in-sight into the struggles of moving oneself without professional assistance and encourages the use of a licensed moving company.


Inclusion in the Celebrity Spotlight show is DN Van Lines’ first foray into television marketing.  NESN, which reaches 4 million homes in a six-state area, will rebroadcast the show on December 31 at 7pm, and on three January dates, as well as dates in February to be announced. DN Van Lines is one of the show’s sponsors along with the Boston Rockhoppers and the Horseshoe Pub & Restaurant.


A major player in the East Coast moving and storage market, DN Van Lines is considered one of the East Coast’s premier relocation professionals handling the moves some of Boston’s biggest sports star, such as former Boston Celtic Ray Allen, and former New England Patriot Brian Hoyer, among others. DN Van lines provide local and long distance moving services as well as storage, packing, hoisting, and disposal services.  Contact us now at 1-800-51-Mover.

Moving Tips from a Muppet

You don’t have a pulse if you don’t want to save money on your move. Since we don’t cater to vampires (although I think we may have moved a coffin before), we commissioned Professor Hans Von Puppet to give you a number of different moving tips to reduce the cost of your next local move. The Professor is wise beyond his years, made of rich felt, and is most likely European, so grab you pencil and start taking notes!